Getting Started

You can manually create orders directly from the Passes module by selecting Create Order along the left-hand sidebar or by selecting the purple Plus (+) button in the top right corner.


Scene 1

On the first scene, select the quantities of pass types you want to add to this order. You can also configure price points here if you have transactions enabled.


Scene 2

You'll start the second scene by selecting the order type. 

Then you'll assign a name to this order – either by selecting an existing person in the system or by creating a new record. A name and email address are required for this step, however a dummy email address works just fine.

Next, you can also assign a group to the order. Just like assigning a name, you are able to search through existing records or create a new one. This is optional for attendee/individual orders, but it is required for group orders and allocations.

You can also change the fulfillment method to shipping and provide address details if applicable.


Scene 3

Once you have created your order, you can select Manage Order to view the results.

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