Getting Started

You can manually create orders directly from the Passes (under the Manage tab) module by selecting the orange plus (+) button along the top.


Screen 1

You'll start the request on the first screen by selected the person or group this order will be assigned to. If a group or person already exists, type the name to search. If they do not exist, click 'Add New Person' or 'Add New Group'.

If you are assigning to a person, you can then select the group this person belongs to and if you are assigning to a group, you can then assign a person responsible.

Once you have your person/group selected, you will move onto the next screen where you choose the items to be assigned.

You can navigate through the left side to change the type of items you are assigning to this order; Passes, Meals, Assets, etc.

Here is an example of items showing in the summary tab on the right.

Click Next Step.

The final screen will show a full summary of the type of order, attendee information and the items that will be assigned.

Click Submit Order!

Next, you can also assign a group to the order. Just like assigning a name, you are able to search through existing records or create a new one. This is optional for attendee/individual orders, but it is required for group orders and allocations.

**You can also change the fulfillment method to shipping and provide address details if applicable.


Once you have created your order, you can select Manager Order to review or click Done to complete.

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