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Learn about manually creating orders

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Order Creation Methods

The order workflow in Lennd is the same for passes, assets, and catering. Orders can be imported, collected via forms or portals, or entered directly into the system.

Learn more: Importing orders

Processing Manual Orders (Passes)

The order workflow is the same for passes, catering, and assets. The below illustrates how to process a manual order with passes.

  1. Sign into Lennd and access your event. (As described in Set Up Your Event.)

  2. Click Passes - Manage

  3. Click the orange + button beside Options


4. Select Group or Person

In the searchbar, enter the name of the group or person the order will be assigned to. If this person or group does not exist in the database, you can add them using the buttons in this window.

5. Person - Group or Group - Person Connection

Next, you can connect the person to a group, or set a person in the group who is responsible for the order.

NOTE: you do not need to connect person orders to a group, but this is recommended if you want their orders to appear on the group profile.

You do need to assign a person in a group to be responsible for an order. You can do this here or in the final step of the order workflow.

Person - Select Group

Group - Select Person

6. Add Items To Order

Orders can contain passes, meals (catering), and assets. For processing reasons, we recommend that you break up larger orders with hundreds of items into several orders. It can be simpler to process several orders by-day or by-item in this scenario.

You can change the catalog view in the left-hand sidebar by selecting any of the catalogs. In the middle, you can search by name for items.

Passes and assets may have prices associated with them. In this case, a default price will display. You can change the prices by clicking the dropdown, or add items to cart with the default price by clicking the + icon in the "How Many?" column.

Items with variants will open a pop-up window with the variant options and pricing when selected.

Once items are selected, they will be added to the Request Summary. You can remove items from your order by hovering over them and clicking the Remove item.

7. Order Confirmation

The final screen will show a full summary of the type of order, attendee information and the items that will be assigned.

Click Submit Order!

Next, you can also assign a group to the order. Just like assigning a name, you are able to search through existing records or create a new one. This is optional for attendee/individual orders, but it is required for group orders and allocations.

**You can also change the fulfillment method to shipping and provide address details if applicable.


Once you have created your order, you can select Manager Order to review or click Done to complete.

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