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How to approve, deny, or edit orders

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Viewing Order Details

To manage passes in an order, go to Passes - Manage and click on the Order #.

Alternately, you can set Group By to Order to search by order ID.

Default View

Group By - Order applied

Reviewing Orders

When the order is open, you can review and action passes in the order using the buttons above the Confirmation Email status.

Review Order

Approve, deny, or cancel the order here:

  • Cancelling order will remove the passes/order from the system.

If you only want to action some passes, go to the "Manage" tab. The items will display grouped by type. Click the arrow beside each type to approve or deny them.

Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit is used to change pass types, adjust quantities, and add items. Reducing a quantity to zero here will delete all passes of that type from the order.

Add items to order

Changing Name & Group Assignment

You can adjust the name and group on orders that have not been issued by clicking the edit link in the top left of the order details modal.
You'll be given the same components to change name and group assignment as you get when you create an order.

  • Note: You can also change order type and fulfillment details from here.

Note that you can change a group order to an person order and vice versa here. This will change how the order appears in various reporting contexts.

Group orders still require a person to be assigned as responsible for the order.

Quick Actions - Line Items

Clicking the dropdown arrow beside a line item (passes of the same type within an order) provides options to edit those passes, see approver details, etc.

Approvers also have the option to undo their review, if they have already actions the item.

Finally, the line can be removed from the order if passes have not been assigned. This will remove all those passes from the selected order.

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