Viewing Order Details

Accessing specific order details is accomplished by clicking the underlined Order Number displayed on many of the pass management views.


Reviewing Orders (Approvals)

When viewing order details, you have two options to approve/deny/cancel orders.

  • You can click the purple Review button to approve, deny, or cancel all items on the order.

  • You can head to the Manage tab and click the dropdown arrow next to each row to approve or deny specific line items.

Review Button:

Manage tab:


Editing Order Contents

When viewing order details, you can use the following options to edit order contents:

  • Select Bulk Edit to change pass types, adjust quantities, and add items. Reducing a quantity to zero here will delete it.

  • Select Add items to order to (you guessed it) add items to this order.

Bulk Edit:

Add items to order:


Changing Name & Group Assignment

You can adjust the name and group on orders that have not been issued by clicking the edit link in the top left of the order details modal.

You'll be given the same components to change name and group assignment as you get when you create an order.

  • Note: You can also change order type and fulfillment details from here.


Quick Actions

From certain pass management views, you'll have access to a dropdown arrow that allows you to interact with individual rows.

  • Edit item(s) allows you to adjust pass type and quantity.

  • Approver Details allows you to see which users have the ability to approve this record. If the record has been reviewed, you'll see which user approved or denied the item(s).

  • If you have approval permissions, Approve & Deny allow you to review the item(s). If the order has been reviewed by you, there will be an option to Undo Review

  • Remove Line will cancel the item(s).

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