Creating & Managing Reports

To configure reports, head to your Event Settings and select the module that you want to build a report for – then click on the Report Templates tab and select Create new template to get started.

Note: Reports can be built from Accounts, Contacts or any Custom Module.


Primary Section

The first section of your report will include records from the module you just selected. 

You can name your report, set a filter so it only includes specific record types (e.g. Account types or Contact types), adjust which fields are shown from this module, and determine how data gets sorted.


Additional Sections

Related data from other modules can be nested in your report by clicking Add Section and selecting modules that contain lookup fields tied to your primary section. (The option to add a Contacts section will be shown if you initially selected the Accounts module when creating your report.)

You can rename additional sections by clicking the pencil icon, adjust which fields are shown, and determine how data gets sorted just like configuring your primary section.

Note: item summary sections from the Passes & Catering modules are coming soon!


Final Touches

You can use the Print in landscape format toggle to adjust how reports are oriented when exported.


Running Reports

Your reports can be exported from the Reports module, which is accessed from your event's home page or the navigation bar.

Select Run Report next to one of your templates to export it in PDF, XLSX, or HTML format (links to HTML exports are shareable). 

Make sure to wait for the export to finish – this can take a few minutes if a large volume of records are involved.


Video: Building an Artist Advance Report

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