You can add a new user to your event at anytime. Users can be added as an admin (with full permissions) or as a user with limited permissions (via a permissions profile). See below on how to set invite a user with the preferred permissions.

Use Permissions and Profiles to help control what your event users can see and do within your event. By default, Lennd provides a profile named Admin that has full capabilities within your event.

  • A permission is an action a user can do within your event.

  • A profile is a set of permissions. A profile (e.g. "Admin", "Read Only", "Volunteer", etc.) is assigned to one or more users to control what they can do or see.

  • A default profile is a configuration provided by Lennd and cannot be modified.

  • A custom profile is something created by you that includes whatever permissions you select. You can name a custom profile after what type of users you want to assign the profile to. For example: "Read Only Users" or "PR Team".

  1. Inviting Users

  2. Setting up Permission Profiles

1. Inviting Users

Click on Team in the left navigation menu.

Once on the Team page, click Invite User on the top right

Enter the users email address:

Once you enter their email, the fields to enter their first/last name will appear along with the ability to choose their permission level.

Admin User is the default profile that exists in all Lennd accounts. Any admin user will have access to do everything in Lennd (no restrictions). If you want to determine what level of access an individual user should have, you will want to set up a permission profile and then you'd choose that permission profile instead of Admin User.

NOTE: Permission profiles can be changed at any time.

The user will get an email inviting them to Lennd. They will have the ability to create their password and finish their account set up.

2. Setting up Permission Profiles

To set up a permission profile with limited access, you can click 'Permissions' at the top of the Team page

From within this page, you can click on Create New Profile on the left side

Give your permission profile (something to reflect who should be added to this permission profile. I.E. Catering Manager, Catering, Passes Manager, etc.) and, if applicable, enter a description.

Click Save Permission.

Be default, there will be no permissions turned on for this new profile. You will then click on the permission profile name and choose the appropriate permissions on the right to set up what access they should have.

There is a combination of permissions that you can turn on to create the preferred level of access for this permission group.

NOTE: to test a permission profile and ensure they are limited to only what you want them to see, you will need to set yourself up as a user with a secondary email address (ie not your standard Lennd email). You would invite yourself in with your other email and set that profile with the new permission profile you created. Log out of your admin email and login with the new profile.

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