Setting up and Approving Assets

Create your catalog of items to track and manage resources

Written by Hannah Wingler
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Lennd enables you to manage assets and inventory requests for your event team members. You can process, approve, and deny their requests, issue and/or check-in passes as they are distributed, integrate with a ticketing system to send approved orders to them for fulfillment, or export data to upload into a ticketing or access control system.

Item Catalog

Assets such as golf carts, admin supplies, heavy equipment, radios, and signage can be requested, tracked, and managed in Lennd. To do this, you need to create a catalog of items. Items can be categorized and added in bulk. 

How to add your assets to the catalog:

  1. Click on "Assets", then "Settings"

  2. Select Add Category to create a new category.

  3. Select "Add Item" to add a single item.

  4. Go through the steps to name your item, add tracking details, variants, and questions.

Viewing and Approving Requests

The video below walks you through how to navigate the Assets module and action requests. The workflows are similar to Passes, so you may wish to review those help center articles for more information on specifics.

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