People Records can be created three ways in Lennd; 1) manually (in the backend) by administrators, 2) generated through activities on forms & portals or 3) created through an import.

  1. Adding a person record manually

    1. Click on "People".

    2. Select "Add Record".

    3. Select the people type (this is important to ensure they go to the appropriate people section) and add their information.

      1. Note: the information requested for each people type in this modal is related the 'Add Record Layout' you set up under CRM > Settings > People > Select People type > Add Record Layout.

    4. Click "Save"

  2. Generated through activities on Forms & Portals

    With forms you can create a group form which can either add a submitting person (set as the primary contact for a group record) or use people blocks to create additional contacts.

    With Portals you can have them set up to collect people (staff, etc) which would create the people record in Lennd (and have it attached to the group who submitted the name)

  3. Through an import

    You can import people by importing into Lennd. You can find the import functionality under the Options on any dashboard.

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