Your organization can host multiple events in Lennd, and new events can either be cloned or created from scratch. 

If your event is an annual event that happens one time a year, you would likely clone your previous year's event instead of creating one from scratch. (Note: we recommend adding the year to the event name for easy reference.)

Follow these steps to create an event from scratch:

  1. Click on "+Add Event".

  2. Select "Get Started" under Create Event from Scratch.

  3. Name your event.  (i.e. Music Festival 2020)

  4. Upload your logo and header image.

  5. Select your event day range. The range should start with your first load in date and end with your last load out date. 

  6. Mark your days as Load In, Show Days, Load Out, and Day Off if applicable.

  7. Pick the apps you'll be using to manage your app and click "Next".

  8. Name your group types and click "Next".

  9. Invite users to your event by entering their email address.

  10. Click on "Create Event".

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