Permission profiles are used to give users access to different parts of the system. Every organization should have an admin user. Admin's have access to all parts of the system and determine each's users access level and permissions. Permissions are set in the user's profile. A user can be assigned a default profile or a custom profile can be created. Custom profiles are recommended for the most control.

Follow these steps to create a custom profile with custom permissions:

  1. Click on "Settings".
  2. Select  "Users".
  3. Click on "Permissions"
  4. Select  "+Create a new profile".
  5. Name your profile and click "Create".
  6. Toggle on the modules and settings to grant the permissions.

Once you're done creating the profile, assign the profile to the user.

  1. Click on "Users".
  2. Select the "..." next to the user's name.
  3. Click on "Edit".
  4. Fill in the user's role or job title, select the permission profile, and click "Save". 

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