The portal is a centralized hub that hosts information, forms, and schedules for different groups and vendors. Users can log into their portal and see information that is related specifically to them and their group. Portals are most commonly used to advance artists, vendors, production teams, and sponsors.

Follow these steps to set up the portal:

  1. Click on "Settings".
  2. Select "Group Portals".
  3. Pick a group type.  Each group type can have their own dedicated portal.
  4. Click on "+Create Portal".
  5. Add a portal welcome message and instructions.
  6. If users should be able to add people to their group, toggle on the people types they can add to.
  7. Select the fields that should be collected with each name added.
  8. Set a close date for the ability to add & edit people (optional).
  9. If users should be able to request items for their people, toggle on "Available Items to Request" and assign item blocks.
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