1. Setting up Item Blocks

  2. How individuals Requesting Items via the Portal

  1. Setting up Item Blocks

Please watch the video below and/or read the step by step instructions on how to set up item blocks on portals so individuals can request items such as passes, assets and equipment, and meals. 

Follow these steps to assign items to request in the portal.

Click on "Portal".

Select "Settings" next to the Portal you wish to add items to.

Toggle on the people type (if you didn't already set up that people type) that can request items.

Once you have your people type enabled, you can then toggle on "Available Items to Request"

Click on "+Assign/Create"

If you have existing item blocks created you can select one. Once selected they show on the right-hand side like this:

NOTE: If you are choosing to select an existing item block, you need to be sure that editing an existing item block for this portal you are setting up with edit the item block anywhere else it is being used.

If you need to create a new item block, click 'Create a new item block'

Choose the type of item you will be adding to this block:

Check the box next to each item and click on + to set individual item limits if applicable.

Click "Save". 

Name your item block and add a description

If you wish to enforce an item limit you can turn that slider on.

Click "Save".

Add another item block by repeating steps above or click "Save" to finish.

2. How individuals request items via the Portal

Login in through the link provided to you.

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