Lennd can be used to manage passes and credential requests. Admins can approve or deny requests. After the requests have been processed, confirmation emails can be sent to the requestor. Confirmation emails can be customized with text, emails templates, and attachments. 

Follow these steps to send confirmation emails:

  1. Click on "Passes".

  2. Select "Send Emails".

  3. Use the filters such as Approved, Denied, Attendee Type, Group Type, or Pass Type to filter your recipients.

  4. Select the recipients by checking the boxes next to their name. Check the box next to "Name on Order" to select all. 

  5. Click "Send Emails".

  6. Set your reply-to email address, insert a template or write a message, attach a file if applicable, and click "Review".

  7. Verify all details are correct. If correct, click "Send Emails". 

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