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How to create and mass generate emails with merge tags

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Understanding email templates

Email templates allow you to upload and create pre-populated messages that can be quickly inserted and customized to use in specific email campaigns. Merge tags can also be used with email templates to personalize your message and provide relevant details based on your contact's record.

Example templates include onboarding instructions, due date reminders, application approved/denied confirmations, etc.

Invoice vs. custom templates

You can create two kinds of templates: invoice and custom.

Custom templates

Custom templates allow you to compose an email just like you would in the platform, and save it as a template.

Invoice Templates

Invoice templates can be used with a Stripe integration. They will include a button for the recipient to view and pay the invoice in Lennd. They also allow you to set a due date and add invoice terms and notes.

Invoices must be mailed from a fully reviewed (no pending items) order with one or more payable items in the order.

Learn more: Emailing Invoices

Using merge tags

Merge tags connect the user data in Lennd to the email they receive. You can set merge tags to populate names, form links, and other data from your records.

To see available tags, select the module your email applies to, and click "Merge Tags."

Below is an example:

Note: Tags are based on the module selected for the template. If you select the Group module, you will only be able to use merge tags that reference group fields.

Creating an email template

Follow these steps to create an email template:

  1. From the left-hand navigation panel, click "Settings." Email Templates will open by default.

  2. Click the "+ Add" button beside Invoice Templates or Custom Templates.

  3. Enter the fields in the Create Custom Template view.

  • Template Name

    • The internal name for your template (e.g. 2022 - Contract)

  • Module

    • You can apply the email template to a specific module, select "None," or leave empty.

  • Reply To, Subject Line, Message Body

    • Insert and format content as you would in a regular email.

    • Learn more: Email content.

  • Attach Files

When you are satisfied with your template, click "Save."

Editing email templates

You can edit or delete email templates.

  1. Click the three-dot icon beside the template name,

  2. From Actions, you can open, duplicate or delete a template.

    1. Open allows you to edit the template.

    2. Duplicate creates a copy, which you can also edit.

    3. Delete will prompt you to confirm that you want to permanently delete the template.

Using email templates

Templates can be inserted when you have selected contacts in the platform to email.

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