It's common during the advance process to request documents from vendors, sponsors, or other groups. The File Request app allows you to request documents such as riders and certificate's of insurance. You can request a document without creating a form. 

Follow these steps to create a file request:

  1. Click on "File Requests".

  2. Select "Create Request".

  3. Name your request. The name should reflect the type of document you are requesting. (i.e. COI, Artist Rider)

    Set a due date, description, include a sample file (if applicable) and turn on reminders if you wish.

  4. Click on the Managers tab and turn on for anyone who you want to have the ability to edit these requests. As the creator of the file request, you will be enabled as a Manager by default. If you do not enable Manager for anyone else, only you would be able to edit the file request (ie change the due date).

  5. Click on Assign. This will enable you to turn on who you want to have upload this particular file request.

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