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How to create a file request

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Understanding File Requests

When advancing your sponsors, vendors, and other groups related to your festival, often you will need them to complete and send files related to their involvement. For example, vendors are required to provide certificates of insurance, sponsors may be required to submit contracts, artist groups will submit riders and so on.

Lennd allows you to request files without adding them into a form. These requests can be assigned to all groups/people with the same type (such as all vendors), or specific groups/people within the types.

Creating a File Request

  1. Sign into Lennd and access your event.

  2. Click "File Requests" from the left-hand navigation panel.

  3. Click "+ Create Request" on the page.

  4. In the "Create new file request" pop-up window, you can customize the following settings.

    1. Details

    2. Managers

    3. Assign

  • Details

    • Name this file request

      • The name should reflect the type of document you are requesting. (i.e. COI, Artist Rider).

    • Due date (mandatory field)

      • This will appear on the request in the portal. Once the due date has expired, files cannot be submitted.

    • Criteria / Instructions

      • Use this space to provide instructions on the file.

        • e.g. "Upload your food handler's certificate. This must be valid and not expired. Public Health will not permit vendors to operate unless this certificate is received by May 20."

    • Include sample file(s) with this request

      • You can attach a sample file to be used as a reference or filled out and submitted.

  • Managers

    • Managers are the only users who can edit file requests in Lennd.

    • The creator of the file request is enabled as a Manager by default.

    • If you do not enable other Managers, you will be the only person who can change the file request.

    • Managers can be added/removed by other managers after they are set.

  • Assign

    • You can assign the file requests to all groups within a specific type, or specific groups, and the same with people/people types.

    • To do this, set the assignments by checking the boxes in the window.

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