Creating a Schedule in Lennd

Lennd gives you the ability to create schedules in Lennd.

You can access the Schedule(s) (either from the Apps on the dashboard or by clicking the ‘More’ menu at the top and choosing Schedules).

If this is the first time you are accessing the schedule, you will see some test activities there. You can delete these.

The left side of the screen is where you start. You have a master schedule and could just create all activities under this one schedule. However, if you are use to the concept of shows with multiple ‘time slots’ (like in Marcato), we can create multiple schedules (shows); each with their own set of activities (timeslots).

Click on New View

Click Create New

Enter the name of this schedule. *Note: If you were a Marcato client and are building a show that will have multiple performances, the Schedule name would be the name of your show.

Choose your colour preference and Icon for this then click Finish.

Once you finish, the system will create your schedule with a few sample activities. You can delete these.

You are now ready to create the various activities happening at this show. Enter the Activity name, start and end time. Click Add to Schedule.

Add each activity for that show then follow the process through again to create a new schedule for each of your shows.

Next, you’ll want to attach your artists to activities so the event shows on the artist profile. To do this, click on Show/Hide Fields on the left. Click ‘Add Master Field’ (if you want it to show on all schedules...otherwise you can just click ‘Add Field’ if you only want it to show on this one schedule).

Enter the Field name (in this example, Artist) > Field Type should be Lookup as this will allow you to browse to your Artist group to attach the artist. Choose the module to look up (in this example and in most cases, this would be Groups) then choose which field (Name is likely best).

It would look like this:

If you want to attach a Venue to these shows, you can follow the steps above to create a lookup field for Venues.

You can also add any other columns on this view that you wish to see by going through the Show/Hide field steps.

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