There are a couple of ways you can get reports out of Lennd; report builder and/or Exporting from your dashboards.

Report Builder:

Click Reports under Apps (or from under the More dropdown).

You will see there is a list of existing reports.

To create new reports to go Event Settings and click on the module you want to create a report for…

Event Settings > Module > Report Templates

Click to create a new one.

Give your report a name, choose filters if you want to apply them, choose how you want to sort the records, then select the fields to include. By default, the system will pre-select what fields are selected. You can click this to edit if you wish.

‘Sections’ - this will allow you to add in other modules that are related to the module you are reporting on

Choose if you want to print in landscape.

Click Done.

You can access this report from either the Reports module or through the main module page under Event Settings.

From (any) Dashboard:

When you are on any index page, you can export that page and it will report based on the view you are looking at. As you create different views, you can export each as their own report.

When viewing your dashboard, click Options in the top right corner

Choose Export .CSV or .XLSX

The output of this report will be an output of the columns you have set up on your dashboard. If you have multiple dashboard views created, you can go into whichever one has the layout/columns you want in your report.

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