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CRM - Managing Group and People Fields

How to create and edit fields that store your group or people contact information

Written by Tara Ferguson
Updated over a week ago

The CRM in Lennd structures contacts as Group or People records. Fields are used to store data that relates to a group or person. Additionally, fields can be added to forms to act as questions that collect information that will be associated with contacts.

Fields can be managed directly from forms or via the CRM. Typically, you will want to set up your fields in the CRM prior to importing contacts and creating forms to intake new contacts (or update existing ones).

Managing Fields

  1. Sign into Lennd and access an organization or event.

  2. Click "CRM" from the left-hand navigation panel.

  3. Click "View All Groups" and then "Settings" in the center panel.

  4. Click "Fields" in the center panel menu.

Fields will display when their field group heading is clicked. Field groups can be used to organize fields. This is especially helpful if you have a number of similar fields that need to be kept separate (e.g. year-to-year questions, questions that pertain to specific group types, and so on).

Fields with a key are required to create a new record.

  • Group Name

  • Person First Name and Person Last Name OR Person Full Name

To save time in building your event, Lennd has pre-populated many common contact fields for Groups and People. Some fields are designated as system fields and cannot be changed or edited.

Creating Custom Fields

To create a new group or people field, click "Create field" under the Group or People section.

Field Name - Give your field a brief and unique name. You can use the field description to provide more context.

Field Type - Choose the format you want this field data to be in. Common types are: text, number, checkbox.

Field Description - optional - Provide more information about the field data. For example, a field named "Photo Upload" on a vendor application form could have a description like "Upload a photo of a recent booth you have hosted at a event that clearly displays your booth setup and merchandise display."

Field Group - Select the group you want this field to live under. By default, this is Information.

Learn more: Custom Field Types

Other fields may have different options to set based on field type. Below is a sample photo upload field.

Using Fields

Fields can be added to a contact profile record via the record layout settings.

Fields can also be added as questions to forms or portal intake sections.

When a contact field is added to a form, note that it functions as a lookup field to the group or person profile. The form result is linked to the field, so new form results or changes made to the profile will change the data across the platform. To avoid this, use custom form fields. These will store the data in the form but not update the group profile.

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