Lennd gives you the power to control what your groups (could be referred to as Modules) are called. Examples of groups could be Artists, Vendors, Media, Sponsors etc.

To start, click on CRM on the left-hand side of your navigation then click View all Groups:

Once Viewing the Dashboard, click on Settings at the top of the page

Then click Groups

Click Add Type, Enter the name of this group type (e.g. Artist, Films, Sponsors, Vendors, etc).

Once your group is created, you can then start working on the specifics. Your first focus should be on ‘Record Layout’. This is where you will create all the fields for entering/collecting the information you need on the specific groups.

Once you click Record Layout you will see a few default fields (phone number, City, Address, Full Bio, etc). The Starred fields you see here on the left are the ones that will show on the main screen of the records.

To add new fields, click ‘Create Field’ on the right.

*Helpful Hint: If you will be creating various fields for different groups, first click Create field group and add your different group names which you can then use to sort which fields are specific to which group.

Field Groups would look something like this (appearing below the default fields)

So now when you add a new field, you can choose what group it should be under.

Once all of your fields have been created, you can then choose what fields you want to see immediately when you go into the profile and what fields you may need to see but not right away (you’d like on view Details to see the rest.

When you hover over a field, you’ll see a star and an eye. The start will show the field on the profile overview where the eye will show when you click to view all properties.

On a profile/record, this is how it appears. This is what you see when you click that profile/record the starred fields will show under ‘About _recordname_’ . Just below that you’ll see the button View All Properties and this is where the other fields you’ve chosen will show.

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