There are three ways to have forms submitted:

  1. Through a public link on your website

  2. Through the portal

  3. By emailing the form as a private link

1) Posting an Application Link to your Website (new submissions)

To post an application link on your website to allow individuals or groups to go to your site and apply to be a part of your event, you’ll want to get the link added to your site. Each form has its own unique link. To access this link you, can get to it in a couple of ways; From the form builder index or when editing a form

From the Form Builder page

When on the Form Builder index you can click options next to the form you are getting ready to post on your site. Click Copy Share Link and paste it onto your site.

When Editing a Form:

When you are editing your form, there are four tabs at the top. Click ‘Share’.

On the share tab you will see the link you can copy.

Note: When you click this link and send it out, it will create a new record in the system. If you are looking to update existing records, this is not the method. You will want to look at 'Through a Portal' or 'Email form' below.

2) Through a Portal

Your form(s) can be filled out through a portal. You will start by ‘assigning’ a form to a portal for groups to fill out. There are two ways to assign a form to groups; assigning to a group by default (when editing the form) or by selecting specific groups on the dashboard and assigning the form.

A. Assigning a Form to a Group by default

When you are editing a form, you go to the Share tab and click ‘Assign’ at the top of the page just next to Link.

Simply select the groups (or people if you are working on a people form) that should see this form when they go to their portal. This setting is helpful if everyone that is assigned to that group type should see and submit this form on their portal.

Note: you can also quickly assign groups on the main links page just under where your link lives:

A. Assigning a Form to Specific Groups on the Dashboard

Go to the group dashboard and select the specific groups you want to assign. Under assign choose Forms.

In the next screen you will choose what form(s) you wish to assign to the selected groups.

Click Save.

3) Email the form:

There are three ways you can email your form; from the group or people index page, directly from the form itself or by copying the link from the app into your email.

Sending from the a list of groups or people

Go to your group or people index page. Select the records you wish to send the form to and click ‘Send > Send Emails’

If you are in groups, in the next screen, you will select who to send to: Primary Contact (only) or Group Users (all people attached to the group selected).

If you are in people, you will only have the option of Email which is the default selection.

Be default, Replies sent to will pre-populate with whoever is the Lennd user sending the form. You can change this if you wish.

On the right you can enter the body of the email (or choose from a template you may have set up in Email Templates under Event Settings). In this case, since we are sending forms, you want to ensure you click ‘Merge Tags’ and select Forms and choose the form you are sending.

When you select your form, you will see the link merge tag added in. This will appear as a link for the user to select or copy/paste.

When you are satisfied with your email content, click on Preview to move to the next step.

Click Send Emails.

To be safe, you will be presented with a final screen to confirm you are ready to send. Click Send X Email.

Sending a Form from within the Form Builder Tool

From the main index page click Options > Send Share Link. You’ll see this page where you can enter the email address(es) and your message.

If you are editing your form, click Share at the top:

Click Send Form. You will see the same page as above where you enter the email address(es) and body of your email.

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