Setting up and Sending Documents

How to set up your document:

To send contracts and/or documents within Lennd, you’ll need to first set up your document in Word (Please Note: .DOCX is the only supported template type).

You can use ‘merge tags’ (known as shortcodes in Marcato) from Lennd to pull data specific to each record.

To access Document Templates:

Go to the Main Dashboard and choose Settings

Once in Settings, click ‘Document Templates’ on the left

In this screen, you can see the list of possible merge tags to use on the far right-hand side of the page. You can hover over the tag and click once to copy it to your clipboard. From there, go to your document (in Word) and paste in where you want this to display.


Once you have your document completed with all relevant information and merge tags, you can save it and upload it into the Document Templates.

Click the plus sign and browse to where you’ve saved the document. Click upload and then choose the Base Module that this document would be available.

Click Save

Sending your document:

Go to the Dashboard, select the records you wish to generate the document for and click the ‘More’ dropdown:

This will add the generated document to the Files section for the group(s) selected and show it on their portal.

Send out emails instructing people to log into their portal and go to the Documents section. It will be here they can download the generated document, sign it, and then upload it to the assigned Document Request.

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