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Creating an Organization

Organizations are the top level of your Lennd account. Once you’ve created an organization, you can create events within the organization, which can be cloned for reuse.

How to create an organization:

Please contact us if you are interested in creating an organization in Lennd.

Tip: You can create multiple organizations if you need to separate your event data or billing details.

Accessing an Organization

You can access your organization via the following methods:

  • Login to Lennd. Your organizations will be visible on the login confirmation page. Find the organization and click "Go to org."

  • From your event, click on "Back to organization" from the left-hand navigation bar.

Managing an Organization


From the organization dashboard, you can create and manage events, view high-level statistics (# of events, # of contacts, revenue from events), access the CRM, and more.


You can create events from the organization level. Learn more about creating an event:


You can view and manage the groups and people associated with your organization. Learn more about groups and people:


You can customize the details for your organization.

  • Organization Name

    • This is your organization's name. It will appear under this name in Lennd and on your forms/portals.

  • Organization Slug

    • This is used in the URL that people will visit to access your links.

      • e.g.

  • Logo image

    • Upload a logo to represent your organization across the platform.

      • Recommended: 300px w x 300px h

  • Background image

    • Upload a background image to represent your organization across the platform.

      • Recommended: 1500px w x 500px h


You can invite team members as Lennd users to help manage your organization.

To invite a team member, click "Invite user" and enter their email, first name, and last name.

When adding a team member, you will be prompted to set their permissions.

Learn more about custom permission profiles: Set up permission profiles


Manage your account's billing details with Stripe. You’ll need to connect a Stripe account to sell paid tickets, issue invoices, or otherwise collect funds in Lennd.

How to connect with Stripe:

  1. Go to Billing from your Organization.

  2. Click Connect with Stripe.

  3. Follow Stripe’s instructions to open a new account or click Sign In in the top right corner to connect an existing Stripe account.

Next steps: Set up your event

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