Note: Guest Lists may sometimes be referred to as Assignment Manager

You can configure each guest list to be a bit different for each of your group types, depending on your needs. To get started, you can click into the CRM of your navigation menu on the left (you can click on any of the groups or view all groups).

On the top of the page, click Settings

Within settings, you'll see a list of all your existing groups. As you click on each one they will each have a 'Guest List' option at the top like this:

Choose the group type that you want to start with then choose Guest List

NOTE: each group type has to have their guest list set up individually and there is not currently a way to copy settings between group types.

Enable Guest List: turns on the guest list for that group type

Close Date: Set and Forget! Set an end date for your Guest Lists so you know that after a certain time, no new names/changes will be coming through

Allow Additions and Changes: allowing new names/name changes to take place

Select the Category of the attendee: this ensures that anyone entered through the Guest List will get the appropriate people type association

Select what fields to show: this is where you choose what details you want to collect for each guest (name, email, phone, photo, etc.)

Add item limits: set a limit of how many single items can be assigned? For example, if you want to only allow each person to have one VIP, set that limit to one. That way they cannot assign two VIP passes to one guest name

One you got through and set each of those areas to be what you want for that group type, click save.

Follow the above for each Group Guest List you want to set up.

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