Guest Lists can be configured for each group type in your CRM.

  1. Sign into Lennd and access an organization or event.

  2. Click "CRM" from the left-hand navigation panel.

  3. Click "View All Groups" and then "Settings" in the center panel.

  4. Click "Groups" in the center panel menu

  5. Choose the group type that you want to start with, then choose Guest List.

Departments - Guest List Settings

Below are the settings you can configure:

Enable Guest List: turns on the guest list for that group type

Close Date: Set and Forget! Set an end date for any changes or additions.

Allow Additions and Changes: let group users add people and change names on their lists.

Select the Category of the attendee: (People Type) this ensures that anyone entered through the Guest List will get the appropriate people type association

Select what fields to show: this is where you choose what details you want to collect for each guest (name, email, phone, photo, etc.)

Add item limits: set a quantity limit for items. For example, if you want to only allow each person to have one VIP pass, set that limit to one. That way they cannot assign two VIP passes to one guest's name.

Once these settings have been saved, go to the Guest Lists module to view and edit guest list links for your specific groups.

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Note: Guest Lists may sometimes be referred to as Assignment Manager.

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