You have three options to manage your credential requests in Lennd. All advantageous in different ways giving you control over your pass management.


Best for people that just need to fill out a form once and don't need to do anything else in Lennd.

Best for groups that are already using the portal to complete other tasks (e.g. submit documents) or groups that need to register a large number of people.

You can also skip the onboarding form by manually adding groups/people to your event and sending out invite links from there. That's what Nick has done up to this point. Some people prefer this so they can maintain full control over the groups/people in their Lennd event.

Assignment Manager
Best for: guest lists and other groups where you (the admin) know how many passes should be given, you just need names for printing/pickup.

Manual Additions (Internal Use Only)
Our platform will allow you to add credential orders and details manually for each group and individual. Below is a sample video that should help.

Credentials – Manual Order Creation - Watch Video

Importing (Internal Use Only)
Part of the process to add credential orders internally is having the ability to import credential details and orders in bulk. This will also be very helpful in saving time.

Sample Video:

There are two options to manage your passes integrated with your ticketing solution with an API or integration:

Option 1:

  • Import or generate barcodes for each type of credential in Lennd.

  • When an Admin approves someone's credential, the next available barcode will be assigned to their order automatically.

  • Import the same barcodes into your access control system in advance. This way all barcodes that are automatically assigned and printed from Lennd will already be valid in your access control system and don't require a recurring manual export/import.

  • The tradeoff here is that Lennd will be your source of truth for who is assigned each barcode, while your access control system will just have generic information without names. This means to deactivate a credential, you'll first need to look the person up in Lennd to get their barcode and then find them in your access control system to deactivate.

Option 2:

  • Import or generate barcodes for each type of credential in Lennd

  • When an Admin approves someone's credential, the next available barcode will be assigned to their order automatically.

  • Pull an export of approved credentials and their barcodes.

  • Filter by date to exclude credentials you've already processed.

  • Import the list of barcodes to your access control system.

  • Repeat on a regular basis to continue moving barcodes from Lennd to access control system.

Approvals & Management

You and your team will have complete control to manage any and all credentials and see the most up to date details in real-time. The Lennd platform gives you ultimate flexibility to run any type of management report necessary.


Communication tools are incredibly powerful in Lennd.

You will have access to send automatic reminders to those who are nearing submission deadlines, create various communication templates, send out mass customized emails with personalization tags and coming soon be able to send text / SMS messages throughout the event (similar to what Julia and Joey send.

Printing Setup
We will configure your credential artwork into our platform and ensure any and all data and information is placed and printed in alignment with your designs

Here's a list of what we need to get your printing designs setup.

  • A template that shows:The full size of the material we're printing on.The specific position on this material where a credential should be printed.

  • A high quality image of your base credential design that shows:The position of images and other design elements that don't change regardless of the type of credential printed.The position of variable data such as First Name, Last Name, etc. that won't change regardless of the type of credential printed.A zone grid that shows all zones in the exact order you want them displayed.
    In addition to this design, please provide any fonts/logos/icons you want used in a separate folder.

  • A breakdown of your different credential types (e.g. vendor, media, volunteer) that shows:
    Any changes to design (e.g. background color) for each credential type.Any changes to the variable data printed per credential type (e.g. print "Volunteer Committee" on Volunteer credentials instead of "Company Name").Other unique considerations/changes for each of your credential types.

Cross-Event Database
You will also automatically gain access to a cross event database of every group and individual that you credential for any individual event. This will allow you to have one cohesive CRM for all of your events. This will be very helpful if you ever want to add any further details to onboard with credentials.

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