Video Walk-through:

To get started with setting up your various passes/credentials, click on Passes in the left navigation bar.

Any time you go into Passes you will land on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is a summary of all passes to show you a total amount of what is approved, pending, etc.

Click Settings at the top

Once in Settings, you'll first focus on creating your credential categories (if applicable) and credentials. Some events have different categories (Artist credentials, Sponsor credentials, parking, etc.) while others just have a generic 'credentials' category and put all credentials under that one. It is really up to you on how you want to set this up.

Here is an example of a few categories with their credentials listed under each:

To create a new category, click Add Category in the top right.

To add a new credential, click Add Item

The pop up will appear where you will enter the name of the pass/credential, choose the category you want it under and a description (if you want).

Overview: enter your credential name, choose the category, assign a colour.

Dates: set the dates the credential is valid for

Zones: if you are using zones, choose what zones are applicable for this pass

Tracking: turn on inventory and enter the total amount you have of this credential. This will help give a visual to what you are approving and help avoid approving more than what you have.

Note: the system will not prevent you from assigning/approving more than what you've enter for your inventory. It is just a visual representation.

Prices: if you will be charging for passes, you can enter the prices on this tab

Once you are done setting up your pass categories and types, there are a few other key areas to review along the tops of the passes module.

Passes: where you set up your credential/pass categories and types

Inventory: if you will be assigning credentials through Lennd and you want issue barcodes or numbers, you can set up the passes here and set the range of barcodes to be assigned for each pass type

Zones: this is the area you would set up zones and assign applicable zones to specific passes.
Note: This is more related to printing and not applicable to most events.

Zone Grid: if using zones, this will give an overview of all zones and what passes have that zone enabled

Approvers: this is where you set which users within your event can approve pass orders. This has to be set whether someone is an admin or not.

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