Once you have your Guest List settings sorted out and your allocations set, you will be ready to email out the links to the primary contacts to collect their guest names.

There are three ways in which the link can be emailed out; 1) from within the group record, 2) in bulk from the dashboard and 3) copying the link and sending it from your own email

  1. Sending from Within a Record

    When viewing a group record you will see 'Actions' on the right-hand side and one is 'Send Assignment Manager Link' (also known as the Guest List link).

    Click that link and a modal will pop up. It will have a pre-filled email template but you can edit to include any additional wording you'd like.

    In the first pop-up you'll select who to send it to. Make sure you take note of 'Send to' as this should be set to Primary Contacts. It may default to Group Contacts which is Group owners (users in Lennd set to be the Group owner). Majority of the time, people are sending to Contacts outside of Lennd so be sure to select Primary Contacts.

    Replies sent to will default to the email of the Lennd user sending out the email. If you wish the replies to go to someone else, you can enter a different email address here.

    You can edit the subject and body of the email, if you wish (on the right).

    Merge Tags (just above the email subject) allow you to personalize the emails (ie use the recipient first name merge tag so that each person has the email personalized with their name as it is on their record in Lennd).

    Click Review then Send.

  2. In bulk from the dashboard

    When on the dashboard overview, you can use the boxes on the right to select all (or only specific) records.

    Once selected, click Send > Send Assignment Manager Link

    The modal pop-up is the same as the above for sending the email.

  3. Copy the Link to Send out from your own email program

    From within the record you'll see 'Links to Share' on the right-hand side. Click Copy next to Assignment Manager and paste into your email.

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