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Prepare your data for import

Generate and download a sample .csv template, check data format, required fields, etc.

Written by Tara Ferguson
Updated over a week ago

Generally data can be imported into Lennd from other spreadsheets without significant work to reformat the source information.

To help with this, Lennd allows you to create and download an import template that makes it easier to map the data in the import process. However, you can also upload your own file, and we will attempt to read the data from the source file.

This article has extensive information on how to format your data and create sample templates. We recommend checking out the Top 5 Tips below if you are already experienced with migrating data from one system to another.

Generate Sample Template

Before importing, we recommend that you create a sample .csv file that includes the fields you want to import, to see how they are named and how the data is formatted. You can copy your data into that .csv or use your own and map the field names during the import process.

To get started, from any module, click ‘Options’ in the top right-hand corner, then "Import" from the dropdown menu.

Choose "Generate Import Template" on the next screen.

Selecting Generate Import Template will help you create a spreadsheet that is pre-formatted to collect the data you're looking for.

Fields with the green toggle will be added to your template. Some fields may be marked as required and cannot be toggled off.

Click the Show/Hide Fields buttons to select specific fields you want to include on your template before downloading it. Field availability will depend on the module you are uploading data to.

Once you have selected all the fields you want in your template, click Download.

The downloaded file will display your column header across the top, along with a sample row demonstrating the type of data each column should contain.

Data Preparation

Before uploading your file, please check for the following issues:

  • Required fields must have data in all rows

Required fields are necessary to create or match the contact in the database. For Groups, the required field is Group Name. For People, the required fields are either Full Name OR First Name and Last Name.

Here is an example of a file with person records that will not upload due to missing data in required fields:

Because Last Name is a mandatory field, this import will not work.

  • Check that data is in the correct format

Below is a guide to field formats in Lennd.

Field Example

Field Type

Acceptable Format



Any text.

Tell us why you want to be a vendor (max 500 words).


Any text.

Business Email


Any text.

Check to confirm you have read the terms and conditions.


"Yes" will check the box. Leave the cell blank if you do not want to check the box.

How many people are in your group?


Any integer. Decimals accepted.

Amount Due


Any integer. Will assume the default currency of your event. Up to 2 decimal places. Currently only supports USD.

Please provide the date and time of your arrival.


We will attempt to validate & parse any date-like format you attempt to import.

Without Timezone Specified yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.ffffff || 2008-09-15T15:53:00

With Timezone Specified yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.nnnnnn+|-hh:mm || 2008-09-15T15:53:00+05:00

Select one of the below options:

  • Own Transportation

  • Need Ground Transportation


Depending on the context, import may allow new options to be created. Imported values must match existing dropdown options. If dropdown field allows multiple select, options may be separated by comma e.g. "Option A", "Option B". Not case sensitive.

Note: If you have dropdown fields, you’ll need to enter an option that you have already created within the Lennd dropdown field. You cannot add new options by importing them.

Revenue Split (%)


Any Integer. We will not do any decimal to percent calculation. We assume the number you are importing is the percentage. For example - if you upload 0.5 - we assume this means 0.5% as opposed to 50%.

Arrival Date





Phone Number


Any Length - With or without dashes



Any Text ISO Alpha-2, Alpha-3 Country Codes recommended but not required.

Arrival Time


Displays the hour as a number with a leading zero when appropriate. If the format contains AM or PM, the hour is based on the 12-hour clock. Otherwise, the hour is based on the 24-hour clock. h:mm:ss h:mm hh:mm

  • Avoid special characters in column names

In the below example, the commas in the column name "Thursday, May 12, 2022" will cause the import to fail.

  • Remove empty columns

This is recommended to streamline your import processing. While the import will still process, it may take longer if your file has a large number of records.

Top 5 Tips

  1. If you are working with a large file, try splitting the file based on person type, group type, item type, etc. and uploading in smaller files. This will make it easier to spot any errors versus troubleshooting a large file.

  2. Remember that fields marked as required must have data in each cell.

  3. Order items must be imported with one item type per column.

  4. Remove column data that you're not importing from your .csv file to speed up the import.

  5. Use EITHER Person First Name and Person Last Name contact fields, OR Person Full Name. Having all three in the upload file can cause issues.

Imports can take a few minutes to run for large files, but are still quicker than manually entering data. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help or advice with importing your files into Lennd.

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