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How to create and mass generate documents with merge tags

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Understanding document templates

Document templates allow you to generate documents based on a .docx template created in a word processing editor (Google Docs, Microsoft Word). Merge tags can also be used with email templates to personalize your message and provide relevant details based on groups or people records.

Example document templates include vendor, sponsor, and artist contracts, site use agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), artist schedules, promotional agreements, etc.

Using merge tags

Documents cannot be created or edited in Lennd. However, you can compose your document and save it as a .docx file to upload.

Merge tags connect your data in Lennd with the document template.

Here is a sample document that use merge tags. When this is generated and sent, the {{{name}}} field will be replaced with the data associated with the "Name" field for that contact.

Note: Tags are based on the module selected for the template. For example, if you select the Group module, you will only be able to use merge tags that reference group fields.

You can search for and copy merge tags using the right-hand panel on the page:

Creating a document template

Follow these steps to create a document template:

  1. From the left-hand navigation panel, click "Settings." Navigate to "Document Templates" in the top menu.

  2. Click the "+ Add" button.

  3. Select the document you want to upload from your computer.

  4. Choose the Base Module for your document.

    1. The base module ensures that your merge tags work properly. For example: if your document primarily references group contact information and other fields, you would select Groups.

  5. Save the template.

Editing document templates

You can replace, download, or delete email templates.

  1. Click "Options" underneath the template name.

  2. From Actions, you can edit, download .docx file, or delete a template.

    1. Edit will open a menu that lets you replace the template with another version. However, we recommend just deleting it and uploading a new file.

Using document templates

Documents can be generated and saved (or saved and sent) from the CRM.

  1. Select one or more contact(s).

  2. Click "More" from the top menu, then "Generate Documents" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select your document template in the pop-up window, then continue.

  4. The document should preview on the next page. If it does not, you can save the document without sending to check that it is expected. You may also be able to open the document in a new tab.

  5. You can either save or save and send in one step.

    1. Save - this will save the documents as files for the selected contacts.

    2. Save and Send - this will let you select recipients to receive the documents for each group. Recipients must be people who are already attached to the group. You can compose a brief message and send an email with a link to view the document in the portal.

Generate Documents

Document Preview

Save and Send


Once generated, documents are available to view in the "Files" section of the contact record.

Note: this is different from File Requests. Learn more: Manage Your File Requests.

Here, you can view the file, delete, it or copy the URL to the file (this will download the file when clicked by anyone).

Files will also appear in the contact's portal.

If a document is sent by email, the recipients will receive an email message that looks like the below example, inviting them to view the document inside their portal. The "Message" text is what you entered when setting up the email.

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