Logging into Lennd

How to log into the platform and reset your password

Written by Tara Ferguson
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Once you've been set up as a user or admin in Lennd, you'll be able to log in and work with your events. Typically you will have received an email with a link to click and access the site.

You can also login by visiting the URL http://app.lennd.com/.

We recommend bookmarking the login site to Lennd in your browser so you can easily access it.

On this page, enter your email and password. You can click "Remember me" to save the password. Note that you may be required to login again from time to time for security purposes.

You can view the password characters by clicking the eye icon. This will display what you have typed into the password field.

Finally, you can reset your password by clicking "Forgot your password?". This will prompt you to verify your email and send a password reset link to the email on file.

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Logging into an event portal

You can invite your event contacts to access group portals in Lennd. The link that they receive to access the portal will not let them login to manage your event. It is specific to their portal and will be formatted as follows.

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