How to use portals in Lennd
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Portal Login

Your Lennd admin will invite you to access your portal via a link. Start by entering your email into the login page.

This email should be exactly as you provided it, with any dots or capitals. If you cannot log in with your email, please check with your event admin to verify the email on file for your contact.

Create or enter a password. This password will be tied to your email address in Lennd. If you are using Lennd for multiple events, it will remain the same password.

There is a "forgot your password?" link beside the "Continue to Portal" button if you're having issues logging in. This will send a password reset email to your email.


Emails are sent from We recommend checking for this email address in your spam, "All Mail" and/or other folders if you are missing an email.

You can also mark the email as safe if it appears in your spam to ensure further emails are delivered.

Continue As

If you have portal access for more than one group in the organization, you will be prompted to select the group you're advancing on the next page.


Once you log in, the portal will open on the Home page. Here, you may see a welcome message with more information about the event, along with a link to reports, add your contacts, and all tasks that you've been assigned.

Tasks can be assigned throughout the event lifecycle, so this will update over time. Some tasks will have due dates, after which they will close and can no longer be completed.

To complete a task, click on the button to open it. Tasks can be forms, files to download, sign, and return, etc. Some tasks can be completed more than once, like adding contacts, whereas others can only be submitted once. Similarly, some forms can be edited after submission, and others are locked. Your event admin will determine these settings.


People can be added from Home by clicking the "Add your contacts" button.

Most groups will have one type of person (e.g. Vendors). Click the "Add" button to enter your person's first name, last name, and other relevant details such as email, mobile phone, dietary restrictions, etc.

You can add other primary contacts to your group, but note that this will not let them log into the portal. Please contact your Lennd admin if you want them to set this.

After you add someone, you can request items on their behalf. You can also do this by clicking "View Details" below their name.

Each "Request Items" button will open out a window where you can add the quantity and type of items this person needs.

Once the request is filled out, a green checkmark will appear, and the items will be added to the summary.

Click "Done" to save changes.


The Reports tab will take you to a page that displays approved passes, assets, and catering for your group and people within the group.

Click between the tabs to see which items have been approved or denied. Pending means that the request has not been reviewed yet by your event admin.


Each portal is configured to be unique to your event and your group's role in that event. If you have any questions about tasks within the portal, reach out to your event contact for more information.

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