Build pages to share data to your users

Written by Rachel Coles
Updated over a week ago

What are pages?

Pages can be created to share information internally and assigned to group portals.

How to build a page

To access the Page settings you will need to navigate into the Portals module and select "Pages"

To create a new page select New Page the Edit Page window will load where you can add a title, subtitle and the page contents

Page contents can include links that open up in the same window or a new window and images with added captions and customizable sizes

Assign Pages

Within portal settings there is an Assign Pages section, by selecting “assign page” you will have the option to choose from any published pages you have created

Within the portal view assigned pages will appear at the bottom in the Pages section

pages can be opened by clicking on the title and the data will load in the same window, users can select "home" to return to their portal home page

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