You can access the Passes module by clicking passes on the navigation menu.

Once within Passes, click on Manage at the top:

'All Requests' is the default view, which displays aggregate lines that share the same name assignment, pass type and approval status.

Under all requests, you can click on any one of these links below to filter down to a specific state of the orders/requests.

On the left you'll see the filter options available to help you narrow down your views even further.

Select a View: The Select a View will allow you to create dashboard views with different fields that you can easily navigate between.

Note: at this time, saving the dashboard view is only for columns and it won't save the filters applied. Our team is working on updating this but not currently available.

Look up Pass ID: this allows you to search based on an issued ID to find the record it belongs to

Show/Hide Fields: use this to set up the different fields you want to see on your dashboard (ensure you hit save view after making edits here).


Attendee displays cards for every person in the system and summarizes assigned passes for each of these individuals. 

  • This view omits group orders and will only summarize orders assigned to individual people.

  • If you have access to the Contacts module, you can click View Profile to access a contact's profile.


Group displays cards for every group in the system and summarizes all passes assigned directly to a group or a person affiliated with a group. 

  • You can click View Attendee Breakdown below each card to view a list of people and pass assignments that make up this summary.


Order displays cards for every order in the system. 

  • You can click Open Order below any card to access a detailed view of that order.


By Integration is visible if you have a ticketing integration connected. This view displays cards for every order in the system that include additional information and filters regarding sync status.



There are a number of filters to help you refine the data that gets displayed in the Passes module.


The filters to to the left of your data can always be accessed regardless of the view you have selected.

  • Attendee Type allows you to filter down to orders that are assigned to a specific type of person.

  • Group Type allows you to filter down to records that are affiliated with a specific type of group.

  • Pass Type allows you to filter down to records based on pass type.

  • Source and Submitter- Source allows you to filter down to records that originated from specific forms. Submitted By allows you to filter down to records that were created by specific users.

Similar to the filters across the top of your data, the search bar looks at different fields depending on the pass management view you've selected.

Look at the preview text that fills the search bar to know what you're able to search by.

All Passes view:

By Attendee view:

By Group view:

By Order view:

By Integration view:

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