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Navigating the Passes Module

An overview of the different ways to view, filter and search for data in the Passes module.

Written by Tara Ferguson
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Passes Module

Passes has 4 main tabs: Dashboard, Manage, Send Emails, and Settings.


The dashboard is pre-configured to show you a summary of all credentials requested, approved, issued, budgeted and remaining.

You can create more specific summaries by clicking "Add Summary" and selecting the passes and statuses that you wish to see.


Manage is where you'll be working to approve and issue passes.

All Requests

'All Requests' is the default view. Each row displays line items that share the same name assignment, pass type and approval status.


On the left-hand sidebar. you can create different views, show/hide fields in the view, or use filters to customize your view. Please note that group by and filters are not saved to views currently.

You can also look up passes by ID.

The sidebar also lets you group by and filter pass rows:


​Attendee displays cards for every person in the system and summarizes assigned passes for each of these individuals.

  • This view omits group orders and will only summarize orders assigned to individual people.

  • If you have access to the Contacts module, you can click View Profile to access a contact's profile.


Group displays cards for every group in the system and summarizes all passes assigned directly to a group or a person affiliated with a group.

  • You can click View Attendee Breakdown below each card to view a list of people and pass assignments that make up this summary.


​Order displays cards for every order in the system.

  • You can click Open Order below any card to access a detailed view of that order.


The filters to to the left of your data can always be accessed regardless of the view you have selected.

  • Attendee Type allows you to filter down to orders that are assigned to a specific type of person.

  • Group Type allows you to filter down to records that are affiliated with a specific type of group.

  • Pass Type allows you to filter down to records based on pass type.

  • Source and Submitter- Source allows you to filter down to records that originated from specific forms. Submitted By allows you to filter down to records that were created by specific users.

Middle View

In the middle, you can search by name, email, group, view quick summary of passes requested/approved, import/export data under Options, and add orders using the + button.

Pro Tip: Grouping orders by "Order" will let you search by order ID.

Within this view, you can drill down to line items pending review, approved, denied, or unpaid.

My Approvals

My Approvals only displays passes that you are able to approve or action. The tabs drill down the view into rows that are pending review, and passes that you have already approved, or denied.

Note that you can change the status of passes you've approved to denied or pending. However, you cannot override another team member's approval. If you mark as pass as denied and they have marked it as approved, the pass will continue to show as approved.

If no approver is set orders will auto- approve. You cannot change the status of auto-approved orders. Please contact support for assistance.

Issue & Fulfill

Passes can be issued by scanning barcodes, RFID credentials, or simply marked as checked out, depending on the inventory type for each pass.

In the same step, passes can be marked as picked up, or left as pending pickup, so your team can track which pre-packaged orders have been handed off and which are waiting to be distributed.

Pro Tip: orders that are pending payment cannot have any of their passes fulfilled, even if there are comp passes in the same order.

Check In

To assign a non-barcoded or RFID pass, start by clicking the "Check-In" button beside the row. The dialog will prompt you to indicate how many passes (of that type) are being issued, and if they are both issued and picked up or just issued and pending pickup.

Scan RFID or Barcode

To assign a barcoded or RFID pass, start by clicking the "Check-In" button beside the row. The dialog will prompt you to scan the code or pass, and click enter if the scanner is not configured to do this automatically.

Once the pass is scanned and entered, the Barcode/UID will be shown below the scanning box. You can detach an assigned pass and re-assign another pass here.

To finish the process, select one of the three options:

  • Mark All As Picked Up - This will issue and fulfill the items in one step.

  • Done Issuing - This will mark the items as pending pickup.

  • Partial Pickup - This lets you choose which items are picked up and which are pending.

In the below order, each pass has a separate status.

  • The top row has not been issued or fulfilled. Clicking "Check-In" will start that process.

  • The middle row has both been issued and fulfilled. The date and person who fulfilled the pass is shown here. You can undo fulfillment by clicking the ... icon, which will set it to the same status as the third row, or then undo issuance to detach the pass and set it to the same status as the first row.

  • The bottom row has a pass issued, but has not been marked as picked up/fulfilled. Clicking "Pending Pickup" will allow you to set the status as fulfilled.


NOTE: this option is only for clients who have printing included in their Lennd services agreement. Please contact us if you want to learn more about configuring a print template for your event.

Passes can be printed directly from Lennd to .PDF. The print tab lets you see which passes are printed or pending, verify if a photo/issued ID is attached, check the zones, and more.

Send Emails

Emails can be sent to update groups and people of their order status.

The sidebar provides filters based on email status (confirmation sent/not sent) and order payment status. Filtering by Unpaid will allow you to send an invoice by email for those orders.

To send an email, select the orders and then click "Send Emails" at the top-right of the page. This will open the email workflow where you can customize a message, use templates, etc.


Passes are configured in Settings. The below article provides more information.

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