Email contacts from Lennd

How to email your contacts from Lennd

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Emails can be sent directly from Lennd to communicate with your groups and people. You can select multiple contacts to receive the same email, or email individually.

The below features have the ability to send emails:

  • CRM

    • Groups

      • Primary Contacts

      • Group Users

    • People

  • Passes, Assets, Catering

    • Orders

  • Guest Lists

    • Send link to the list manager

Select contacts to email

  1. Select the contacts you would like to email.

  2. Open the "Send Email" dialogue. This is usually in the top button menu (bulk emails) or can be accessed by clicking the lightning bolt symbol (individual email).

  3. (Passes, Catering, Assets) - you can access "Send Email" from the top menu and then select contacts.

Setup Email

  1. Select the email field you wish to use in the "Send To" field. For example, you may have "Work Email" and "Personal Email" for certain contacts.

  2. Enter the email address where you would like replies to be sent. This will default to your email address.

  3. If you have selected multiple contacts with the same email, you can choose to group emails by recipient so they only receive one email.

Email Content

You can insert a message template or compose an email in the text editor.

Email templates can be managed by going to Team - Email Templates. They allow you to quickly insert a pre-populated message, which you can edit as needed. Merge tags can also be used with email templates to personalize your message and provide relevant details based on your contact's record.

You can also edit or insert a subject line. This is located above the text formatting options.

You can access merge tags that link directly to information or forms in Lennd. Click the "Merge Tags" button above the text editor to see which tags are available.

Email Formatting

Emails can be formatted with bold and italic text, bullet and numbered points and indents. You can also add links or images into emails.

Email Attachments

You can attach one or more files to an email. The max file size is 20MB.

Click "Attach Files" to open the file uploader. Most common file types, such as .txt, .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .jpg are supported.

Review and Send Email

You can review email recipients and preview the version of the email they will see by clicking "Action" beside the email address. This allows you to check for typos and ensure the email reads exactly as you would like it to.

If you need to make edits, click the "Back" button to revise your email. Once you are satisfied, click "Send" and then "Send Email."

Emailing Invoices

Invoices can be emailed directly for orders where all items have been reviewed, and one or more items are due to be paid. Note that invoice links cannot be sent as merge tags in other emails.

You can send emails in bulk or per-order, and create email templates to use for invoice emails.

Learn more: Invoice Templates

Send Invoice Email - Order

To send an invoice from an order, open the order summary and confirm that all items have been approved and/or denied. There should be an amount due that is showing as unpaid.

In the Invoice section, click on the "Email Invoice" button. This will open the Send Invoice workflow.

In the Send Invoice workflow, you can insert a message template to pre-populate a message. You can also set a due date for the invoice and add notes/terms.

When the invoice is sent, the order will update with information about the date and user who sent the email. You can also view a direct link to the invoice by clicking "View Invoice", which will open the invoice in a new browser tab. Finally, you can resend the invoice by clicking the "Resend Invoice" process, which will walk you through the steps to set up and send another email.

Send Invoice Email - Bulk

To send invoice emails in bulk, open the module with orders that you wish to invoice (Passes, Assets, Expo, etc.). At the top of the page, click on the "Send Emails" tab.

Filter the emails to "Unpaid". All orders with a balance due will appear on the right.

Select the orders you wish to invoice and click "Send Invoice." This will open the Send Invoice workflow shown above.

Sample Invoice Email

Invoice emails will contain a button that links to a page where the invoice can be viewed and paid.

Invoice page (opens in browser)

Pay invoice window

Please note: this is a pop-up window and may be blocked by some browsers. You can learn how to unblock pop-ups in Chrome here.

Pro Tip - Invoices

Emails can be sent in different ways from Lennd. To confirm you are sending an invoice email that will have the "View Invoice", check that the INVOICE DETAILS section is visible on the left-hand sidebar. If you don't see this, you are sending a regular email which will not have the link to the invoice page.

Email Sending Tips

  1. Lennd cannot forward replies that are sent to Please ensure your reply-to email address is monitored so your contacts can get in touch with you.

  2. Emails are sent from The sender name will appear as "[Your Event Name] (via LENND)."

  3. If someone says they did not receive an expected email, check that their email address is correct in Lennd (no typos, misspellings, etc.) You can also ask them to check their spam / "other" inboxes, or search their mail for "" -- usually this will display all emails sent from that address.

  4. You can resend an email individually if needed.

  5. If you are seeing a persistent issue, please contact us using the chat bubble on this page.

Email History

Sent emails can be accessed via the History tab in the CRM.

Searching by name or email address will filter to those specific emails, and clicking on the subject line will open up a copy of the email.

File Requests

File requests can also be created and assigned to groups in their portals. Additionally, you can set a due date, track the file status for each group, and message regarding the file status.

Next steps: Email Templates

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