Adding Groups or People

How to get your groups and people into Lennd

Written by Tara Ferguson
Updated over a week ago

Once your group and people types are created, you'll want to add your contacts into Lennd and start advancing their requests.

Here are the ways that contacts can be added into Lennd.

Manual Entry

You can configure a form within Lennd via the Record Layout section to input your contacts. When you click the "+" from the CRM, this form will open and allow you to create a group or person.

Learn more: Add Record Layout

Form Intake

Forms can be used to create or update information for related group or people records. Intake forms let you add new groups and people into Lennd.

Learn more: How to build a form

Portal Intake

Groups with portal access can add their team members and request items via their portal.


Records can be imported from spreadsheets.

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