Group or people records can be created three ways in Lennd.

  1. Manually (add record to CRM)

  2. Form Intake (record created via form submission)

  3. Import (.csv file of existing contacts)


  1. Expand CRM and click View all Groups OR View all People

  2. Select "Add" (orange button to the right).

  3. Select the type (this is important to ensure the record is visible in the appropriate dashboard) and add the relevant information.

    1. Note: the information requested for each type in this modal is related the 'Add Record Layout' you set up under CRM.

  4. Click "Save"

Form Intake

Forms can be used to create or update information for related group or people records.

Learn more: How to Build a form


Records can be imported from spreadsheets.

Learn more: Importing into Lennd

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