Integration: Front Gate Tickets

The Front Gate integration allows you to send approved orders to them for fulfillment.

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Initiating the Integration: API Token

In order to initiate the FGT integration an API token will need to be provided to your FGT rep. Any admin user can access the API token by following the steps below.

1) Navigate to the Teams Module

2) On your user row select the three dots and then “edit”

3) Enable the API Token toggle (this feature will only be available is you are an admin user of the event)

4) Click on “Generate API token for this event”

5) Click the copy button and send the API token over to your FGT rep

Mapping Pass Types

Your FGT representative will map the pass types in Lennd to FGT. The pass name in Lennd must match the pass name in FGT. It is best practice to have users submit all their credential requests before initializing the mapping.

Required Conditions to Sync

Any approved line items in Lennd will sync. An admin user with Approver permissions for Passes can change an entity’s state from pending to approved or denied.

Synced Fields from Lennd:

Name (First, Last Name) or Name (Group)



payment status (either PAID or UNPAID)

Modifying Orders

Modifications can be made to the First & Last names attached to an order. You can also edit orders by adding a pass, removing a pass, or adjusting the number of existing passes.

Any modifications of approved passes will sync. In AdmitOne there will be a LastModified field, the modification timestamp will display the time in which an order was modified in Lennd. Orders are expected to automatically sync every 2-5 minutes.


Please reach out to if you are experiencing any issues with orders in Lennd not syncing over. Include order-specific details such as the Order Number, First and Last Name, and/or Group Name of the order.

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