Set up your event

Create, clone, or import events within your organization

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Creating an Event

Your organization can host multiple events. Events can be created or cloned from a previous event that was set up in Lennd.

How to create an event:

  1. Sign into Lennd and access your organization. (As described in Set Up Your Organization.)

  2. Click "Add Event" from the top of the organization dashboard page.

  3. Choose if you want to create, clone, or import a list of events.

Create event from scratch

  1. Click "Get Started." The event will be created and the dashboard will open.

  2. Enter your event details and save.

Clone an existing event

NOTE: cloning an event should only be done by experienced users. If you have questions or need support, please start a conversation with us via the chat bubble.

  1. Click "Select an existing event". Your events will be listed by year.

  2. Select an existing event and set the below information:

    1. Event Name

    2. New Start Date

    3. New End Date

    4. Set Date Labels

      1. Select dates and mark them as

        1. Load In Days

        2. Show Days

        3. Load Out Days

        4. Off Days

  3. Click "Clone Event." It may take a few minutes to complete the clone process.

  4. Enter your event details and save.

The following data will be cloned into the new event:

  • Group records

  • People records

  • Custom fields created for groups/people

  • Forms

  • File Requests

  • Pass types

Form submissions and pass allocations are not cloned into the new event, but can be exported from the previous event and imported into the new one.

Import list of events

  1. Click "Import" and choose a file to upload.

    1. Tip: download sample .csv file to ensure your data is properly formatted

  2. Match the columns in your .csv to the import fields

    1. Required

      1. Event Date

      2. Start Date

      3. End Date

    2. Optional

      1. Tags

  3. Click "Import." Your events will be uploaded and created in your organization.

  4. Enter your event details and save.

Accessing an Event

You can access your event via the following methods:

  • Login to Lennd. Your events will be visible under their organizations on the login confirmation page. Click on an event to access it.

  • Events are also listed in the organization dashboard by upcoming or past events. You can view, edit, clone, or delete an event by clicking on it.

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