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Manage and communicate with different types of groups and people

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CRM stands for "customer relationship management." It is commonly used to refer to software that is used to manage contact information and interactions.

Lennd is typically used to manage requests for "internal customers" such as staff, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors. Sometimes the requests will originate on behalf of an individual person (for example, a photo credential pass) and other times will be submitted on behalf of a group (e.g. all the radios needed by the security team).

The CRM is available on both the event and organizational level. Generally, you will want to manage contacts on the event level. Contacts can safely be deleted from the event CRM without removing them from other events.

Groups vs People

The CRM in Lennd structures contacts into Groups and People. Within each section, contacts with common needs can be organized by Type.

Each type uses data fields to set up customized dashboard views, profile record layouts, "add record" layouts, and be reported on individually in various places within the platform.

Data Fields

Data fields relate to information you want to store on your contact record. Basic fields include Group Name, Person First Name, Person Last Name, Person Email. Lennd provides a number of preset fields for both Groups and People. You can also create custom fields to collect more complex data, or data that is specific to your event.

Learn more: Custom Field Types

Note: many reports are restricted to using either Group or People fields. When building forms to collect contact information, generally you will want to create either a group OR a people form. Group forms can also collect basic information for the group's primary contact.

Using Contact Fields on Forms

Fields are the foundation for questions you want to ask on your forms.

Example: Performer Application Form

  • Video Submission Field

    • This is a field that can be used to upload files.

    • The field is restricted to video file types

    • The field description can be phrased as a question or request (e.g. "Please upload a brief (1 minute or less) video introduction. File must be in GIF or MP4 format.")

Note that you will not want to delete form results or fields as a general rule to avoid losing data. Please contact us if you would like assistance with managing your database fields.

Customized Dashboard Views

Once contacts have been added to your database (via form, portal, or import), they will be visible in the CRM. You can customize the dashboard view to display certain fields, form results, etc.

Learn more: Dashboards & Views

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