Configure Guest Lists

Learn how to enable and configure guest lists and allocations of passes, catering, assets and more for your different types of groups

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When configured, Guest Lists creates a unique site for each group who has a bulk quantity of passes or meals. Via this URL, the group can add people and an email address, assign specific passes and/or meals to their people, and those assignments will then be available in Lennd as orders to fulfill.

This is best used for a scenario where the group's total request has been received and approved (via a form or portal). Groups can only assign the items they have been allocated in a Guest List, not request additional passes.

Guest List Settings

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Guest List settings are configured by Group Type (Media, Talent, etc.) You can access and configure them via the Guest List module.

  1. Sign into Lennd and click on your event.

  2. Click "Guest Lists" on the sidebar.

  3. Select the group type you want to edit.

  4. Click "Settings" under "Guest List not enabled" at the top-right of the page.

Guest List Settings

Enable Guest Lists: Enable or disable lists for this group type.

Close Date: Set an end date for any changes or additions. Remember: this applies to all groups in this group type, similar to a portal setting.

Allow additions and changes: When open, the group members can add and change people on their list. After the close date, this will be set to closed by default.

Select the category of the attendee: Guests are created as contacts in Lennd. Select the people type that these contacts should be associated with for reporting (e.g. Guests).

Select what fields to show: Any people fields can be added here, such as photo, mobile phone, pronouns, etc.

Full Name and Event Days are mandatory fields. Email is highly recommended, so you can send guests a message confirming their approval with pickup instructions if applicable.

Add item limits: set a quantity limit per-person for items. For example, meals are typically 1 per person per meal.

Departments - Guest List Settings

Note: Guest List may sometimes be referred to as Assignment Manager in the platform.

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