To start, you'll go into your group record.

Under Requests & Orders, click Add

In the resulting pop up, choose the person responsible (either from existing contacts on the record or click Add New Person if you need to create a new contact).

Once you have selected the person responsible, you'll then choose either passes or meals allocate to the group. If you are doing both, select one or the other first, choose the pass(es), enter the amount then click to the next catalog type and choose the items.

Here is an example of some passes and meal allocation provided to a group:

Click Next Step where you will then see a summary of the order. Make sure to select group order and turn on show on assignment manager:

Click Submit Order then 'Done'. This will assign those items to the 'group'.

Once this is set up you will then send the assignment manager to the primary contact where they'll enter the names of their guests and draw from the items you've allocated to the group. When they enter names and assign items to them, it will deduct that from the total amount you've allocated.

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