Adding items to your Guest Lists

How to add passes and meals to group guest lists and set orders as allocations.

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Once your guest list settings are configured, the next step is to add passes for your groups to allocate. Groups without approved allocated passes will not be able to add people to their guest lists or request passes.

You can add orders to the guest list in 3 different ways:

1) In the guest list, open "Passes Allocations" or "Meal Allocations" and set the available passes.

2) Create a group order and toggle "Show on Assignment Manager".

3) Import group orders and set them as allocations.

Video Tutorial

Allocations, Orders, and Imports


In the Guest Lists module, you can add passes or meals by locating the group and clicking on the cell beside "Passes Allocations" or "Meal Allocations" and adding/editing the passes there.

Guest Lists

Allocation Summary


Orders can be created in several places, such as the group's profile, the Passes module, via a form request, and so on.

To make any order available on the group's Guest List, you need to ensure the following two things.

1) The order is a group order, not an individual order.

2) "Show on Assignment Manager" is toggled ON.

You can set this during the order workflow or by editing the customer on existing orders.

Order Workflow - Final Screen

Editing Order

1) Type of Order = Group Order

4) Collect Attendee Names = "Show On Assignment Manager" must be toggled on.


Group orders can be set as allocations during the import process. Ensure that the toggle below "Collect Attendee Names" is toggled on


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