Distributing Guest List Links

Send guest list URLs to groups so they can add people and assign passes

Written by Tara Ferguson
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Guest lists links are unique to each group. The person with access to the link can modify the passes, so you want to ensure that they are distributed only to members of the group.

There are three ways in which the link can be distributed:

1) Individually - via the group profile or Guest List

2) Bulk - via the CRM

3) Copy Link

Group Profile

Below "Actions" in the right-hand column, click on "Send assignment manager link" to open the email workflow.

A pre-populated email will appear with text in the subject line and text box that you can customize. You can choose to send to primary contacts or group users.

Guest List

In the Guest List module, click Actions to open sharing options. You can send the link via an email, or copy the link to send directly or paste into another system.

Bulk Send

In the CRM, you can select multiple groups and send them their own link in one email. Click "Send Assignment Manager Link"

In the email, you can customize the message. The {{{assignment_manager_link}}} must remain. This will populate the exact link for each group into each email.

Copy Link

The link can be copied from several places in the platform. In some places it is named "Assignment Manager" which is the old name for Guest List.

When copying the link, we recommend opening it in a browser to check that the full link will load as expected. Check that the guest list is open and that the meals and passes you have allocated appear in the right-hand side of the page. If they don't, you may need to approve pending orders in the passes module.

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